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Our Industrial Lighting Products are extremely energy efficient. We have a complete collection of industrial lighting applications including the popular 5th Generation Mercury LED Lighting. Spray Tech / Junair produces world class quality in all lighting categories.
Industrial Paint Booth Lighting

Industrial Light Details

Spray-Tech/Junair and Mercury lead the way in developing cutting-edge LED light fixtures for use in a wide variety of applications including paint booth lighting. We’ve cut our teeth building LED light fixtures for use across small and large applications seeing exceptional results and and great feedback. Our LED light fixtures last 5 times longer than traditional fluorescent bulbs and ballasts while also shining brighter and using 35% less energy. Our unique glass lens diffuses the emitted light so you get a consistent and bright glow across your entire work area with no dark areas and no sharp, obtrusive, shadows.

They are perfectly suited to industrial spraying locations. Some of the notable features of our LED Industrial Lighting Products are as follows:

Industrial Light Features

Our industrial lighting products create a beautiful environment at your body shops, warehouses, Residence, Commercial Buildings & Industrial Facilities.

Spray Tech / Junair understands that lighting an industrial environment is a challenging task. Since so many detailed operations are running inside an industrial facility, it is important to consider that each task receives its required amount of light. Our Industrial Lighting Products provide you a strong visual comfort for all your operations and helps to create a beautiful environment in your body shop, warehouse, office, residence, commercial buildings or any other industrial facility.

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