Walk in Batch Ovens

Batch Ovens Spray Tech Open Door Photo

Walk in Batch Ovens

Batch Ovens Spray Tech Open Door Photo

Spray-Tech batch ovens are a reliable and efficient way to dry, cure, bake, or preheat your products. Our walk-in ovens are customizable, OSHA & NFPA compliant, and equipped state of the art equipment. Ovens are custom designed for specific applications. Spray-Tech ovens are equipped with air heat burners and standard PID controllers for precise temperature control. Our supply and return ductwork, as well as adjustable nozzles, ensure excellent heat temperature uniformity and heating rates.


8x12x8 Batch Oven

10x12x8 Batch Oven

12x12x8 Batch oven

14x12x8 Batch Oven

Walk-IN Batch Powder Coat Ovens


Oven Panels

Oven panels are constructed with two 20 gauge steel panels and a proprietary heat isolation structure to ensure panel rigidity and low heat loss. The exterior panel is made of G-90 galvanized steel for corrosion resistance while the interior steel panel is aluminized helping ensure excellent heat distribution and uniformity. Panels are insulated with 850° rock wool*.

Temperature Control

Spray-Tech/Junair’s Class A ovens feature a +/- 10° temperature saturation throughout the entire enclosure with a 500°F maximum temperature. This even distribution of temperature provides optimal curing results.


Spray-Tech/Junair produces low-emission, high-quality and energy efficient industrial process ovens which ensure increased productivity and lower overall costs


Energy Savings

Our ovens come with six-inch panels that reduce heat loss and save energy

Reliable Structure

Heavy internal structural steel frame supports oven body and heater cabin

Air Plenums

Spray-Tech/Junair includes air plenums that run the full-length of the oven to ensure maximum uniformity of temperature throughout.

Professional Duct Work

All of our duct work is laser cut and precision formed

Industrial Burners

Industrial proportioning burners with best-in-class train components

Walk-IN Batch Powder Coat Ovens


Batch Timers

Spray-Tech/Junair includes built-in batch timers and loud audible alerts with every oven to ensure maximum usability and convenience.

LED Control Panels

Standard oven control panels include LED light troubleshooting indicators for reliable operational management and ease of use. Our Smart Control system utilizes the latest technology to ensure optimum output & information at a glance.

Low Friction Hinges

All ovens come with adjustable low-friction hinges that need little maintenance thanks to the included high-wear bronze bushings


OSHA - Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Our commitment to safety aligns with OSHA’s guidelines and regulations, ensuring a secure working environment for all.

NFPA Fire Safety Fire Protection Association

NFPA - National Fire Protection Association

Spray-Tech is committed to upholding and advancing the rigorous safety measures advocated by NFPA to ensure a secure and compliant environment for our clients.

ETL - Electrical Testing Labs

We work hard to meet ETL standards in order to ensure our electrical equipment meets rigorous safety and performance criteria.

EPA - Environmental Protection Agency

Our environmental responsibility is reflected in our compliance with EPA regulations, contributing to a cleaner and sustainable future.