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High Performance Paint Curing Industrial Ovens

Spray-Tech/Junair industrial oven panels are built from the ground up using 3D modeling software to ensure the ovens provide the most energy efficient and effective solutions possible. All our equipment is OSHA and NFPA compliant which ensures your manpower gets a safe and productive environment to work in. Equipped with the highest innovative features, these ovens are manufactured by a competent team of engineers and technicians to deliver exceptional performance and results that are over and beyond your expectations. Got questions or trade enquiries? Contact us and we will be more than glad to assist you.

The Spray-Tech/Junair Difference:

  • Spray-Tech/Junair includes air plenums that run the full-length of the paint curing oven to ensure maximum uniformity of temperature throughout.
  • Spray-Tech/Junair includes built-in batch timers and loud audible alerts with every oven to ensure maximum usability and convenience
  • Standard industrial oven control panels include LED light troubleshooting indicators for reliable operational management and ease of use.
  • Our Smart Control system utilizes the latest technology to ensure optimum output & information at a glance.
  • Only top-of-the-line brand name components are used when manufacturing our ovens ensuring a long-lasting, quality product.
  • All paint curing ovens come with adjustable low-friction hinges that need little maintenance thanks to the included high-wear bronze bushings.
  • All Spray-Tech/Junair ovens are built to comply with the requirements of NFPA Standard 86 and OSHA Standards.
  • Spray-Tech/Junair produces low-emission, high-quality and energy efficient industrial process ovens which ensure increased productivity and lower overall costs.
  • Spray-Tech/Junair’s Class A ovens feature a +/- 10° temperature saturation throughout the entire enclosure with a 500°F maximum temperature. This even distribution of temperature provides optimal curing results.
  • Industrial ovenpanels are constructed with two 20 gauge steel panels and a proprietary heat isolation structure to ensure panel rigidity and low heat loss. The exterior panel is made of G-90 galvanized steel for corrosion resistance while the interior steel panel is aluminized helping ensure excellent heat distribution and uniformity. Panels are insulated with 850° rock wool

Advanced Control Panels

Spray-Tech/Junair puts all the power, and control, of your oven at the tip of your fingers. Log in to your account or register now to access downloadable brochures and exclusive content.

Ovens come standard with NEMA 12 dust tight enclosures that wil fit your shop’s needs and are designed with ease of use in mind.

Included on our standard control panel is a diagnostic light bar making it simple for you to troubleshoot any issues at a glance, without the need of calling a service technician.

Spray-Tech/Junair  an optional control panel with touch-screen functionality, eight (8) programmable ramp/soak operations for stepped composite curing, and detailed on-board troubleshooting information.

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Standard control panel with P.I.D. high temperature limit, hour meter and digital batch timer with alarm. Screenshots of optional touch-screen control panel shown.

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