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QADS™ is the first auxiliary air movement system that draws on air from the spray booth plenum. Models can be equipped with doors that open and close automatically, to protect the blower nozzles from over-spray.

These patented technologies prevent dirt and over-spray from being blown on the product during the flash off cycle, or the bake cycle.

Why QADs Works:


Conventional spray booths are simply inefficient at raising the temperature of the vehicles’ lower panels to the required curing temperature. This is because warm air naturally rises to the top of the cabin while cooler air descends to the floor level. Differences of 20°-30° are not uncommon in conventional spray booths. This leads to extended baking times, taking up valuable booth time and increasing energy consumption.


To combat this, however, Spray-Tech/Junair has developed our patented QADs™ Auxiliary Air Movement System. Heated air from QADs™ envelops the entire vehicle, including the lower panels, ensuring that the recommended cure temperature is achieved quickly. On most spray booth ovens, QADs™ will easily achieve the lower panel temperature of 60° C/140° F within the 10-minute period specified by many of today’s paint manufacturers.


Different configurations of the QADs™ system are available to suit your budget, production style and needs.



    • Static neutralization emitters allow for easier color matching on parts that can accumulate static electricity
    • Incorporates QADs™ On Bake System that interfaces with existing air make-up
    • Automatic opening and closing of doors

QADs Automatic:

  • Fully automatic control panel
  • Simple on/off controls that activate tower doors to open and begin heating
  • Provides shortened cycle times achieving increased productivity
  • Automatic opening and closing of doors

QADs On Bake:

    • The QADs™ On Bake System interfaces with existing air make-up units through our QADs™ control panel allowing for additional temperature set points
    • Provides shortened cycle times achieving increased productivity
    • Automatic opening and closing of doors

QADs Crossflow:

  • Our exclusive above-booth air acquisition system assures clean air in the process
  • Easy to install with plug-in 110v – 120v power requirement
  • Simple on/off controls
  • Manual opening and closing of doors

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qads features

Standard Features:

All QADs™ Air Movement Systems, with the exception of QADs™ Crossflow, include:

  • QADs™ Control Panel
  • Four (4) Quality Air Drying Towers
  • Ducting & Accessories (un-wired)
  • All units retrofittable to higher models, up to “QADs SN”

Any Booth, Anywhere:

Retrofit your existing spraybooth with QADs™ technology and drive more profit by improving production times.

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