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Best Automotive Paint Booths For Sale

Spray Tech manufactures reliable and top-quality Automotive Paint Booths for auto body shops and other businesses. Our Auto paint booths are manufactured under a world-class manufacturing environment, with a keen focus on usability and efficiency.

Spray-Tech/Junair is a leader in manufacturing automotive paint booths and pioneering finishing technology. From our best-in-class L.E.D. lighting to our patented QADs air movement system, Spray-Tech/Junair offers the most innovative solutions to meet all of your needs from entry-level equipment to the best paint booths the industry has to offer. Register to download our brochures.

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How Does Using an Automotive Paint Booth Help You Save Time & Money? 

Using a paint booth for automotive paint provides a controlled environment, you need to do a quality job. Here are some ways an Automotive Paint Spray Booth will help you save money.

Paint Booths Eliminate Dirt

Contaminated paint jobs are often caused by dust, dirt, and other airborne particles. Using a paint booth alleviates this issue by trapping particles before they enter the work chamber. After the painting is complete, if extraneous particles are visible, they must be removed by stripping the finish. Buffing and polishing can be costly. The paint will adhere more evenly and durably if the painting area is dust and dirt-free, with even consistent air circulation.

Booths Save Paint and Production Time

Using an Auto Paint Booth can also protect the work from temperature changes and humidity, and extraneous particles. It can allow for heat-induced curing of the paint. Additionally, a car paint booth can provide superior lighting.

Overall safety

Local, state and national codes require safe and environmentally sound conditions for automotive paint spraying. Overspray can cause fires and explosions, as well as pollution. Leftover paint is unsafe to store in areas with fluctuating temperatures. Painters can be harmed by the toxic materials in the paint, as well as the noise involved. All of this is kept under control in a code-compliant paint booth.

Automotive Spray Booth Upgrade Options

Get the most performance out of your automotive paint booth with high-end add-ons. Add an air make-up system to your booth to improve your productivity and get more work done faster. Add an exterior mixing room for safe paint storage and handling. If our extensive line of spray booth models doesn’t quite have the capabilities you’re looking for, Spray-Tech/Junair is happy to work with you to fulfill any and all of your finishing needs.

QADs™ Air Movement System


Our patented QADs™ airflow system has the capability to increase a booths throughput, virtually instantly. Retrofit an existing booth, or add QADs™ to your booth to really reap the benefits.

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Paint Mixing Rooms

mixingroom hero

Spray-Tech/Junair mixing rooms provide a clean, well-illuminated, and properly ventilated work area for safely mixing and storing paint. These mixing rooms can even be attached to existing booths for easy facilitation of material and to minimize contamination.

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Mercury Make-Up Air Systems


When you purchase a booth from Spray-Tech/Junair and outfit with a Mercury make-up air system, you have just become the proud owner of one of the best performing booths in the country. Spray-Tech/Junair manufactures highly efficient direct-fired gas furnaces, which convert 98% of the fuel into heat.

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Ready-to-order Automotive Spray Booth Equipment

We have ready-to-order automotive spray booths that come fully loaded and we also excel in designing custom spray booths that fit your precise needs. Get in touch with us today to get a quick estimate of your paint booth needs. Learn about our world-class automotive paint booths products and their specific configurations below.

AutoBooth Side
Filter Plenums
Run the entire length of the booth ensuring proper airflow.
Fully Filtered Ceiling
For clean air intake leading to a speck-free finish
Air flows from ceiling to filters that run along full length of booth walls.
No pit required.
Automotive Spray Booth
Side Downdraft
AutoBooth Corner
Filtered Corner Plenums
Provide even coverage and powerful airflow.
Tri-Fold Doors
Exquisitely fit doors with high-wear nylon bushings.
Personnel Door
Facilitates easy entry and keeps booth clean.
Air flows from ceiling to filter banks in corners of spray booth capturing contaminants efficiently.
No pit required.
Automotive Booth
Reverse Flow
AutoBooth Full
Downdraft Pit
Allows air to be exhausted and/or recirculated back into the booth.
5th Gen. LED Lights
The best LED lights in the finishing industry. Ask us more about them.
Fully Filtered Ceiling
Provides exceptional airflow and coverage across the entire product.
Air flows from ceiling to filtered pit in floor. Most powerful configuration for overspray clearing.
Automotive Booth
Full Downdraft
AutoBooth Semi
Plenums in Rear
High-volume filters in the back of the booth draw air efficiently.
Personnel Door
Provides easy access to the booth while keeping it clean.
5th Gen. LED Lights
The best LED lights in the finishing industry. Highly efficient with a long life span.
Air flows from the ceiling, across booth, to large high-volume filters near floor in rear of booth.
No pit required.
Automotive Booth
Semi Downdraft

Models of Automotive Paint Booths

Spray Tech manufacturers the following spray booth models in the automotive paint booth category.

Junair Paint booths – Junair series paint booths are the best automotive paint booths for energy reductions with unmatched refinishing environments. They have extraordinary production capabilities and are known globally for their design and premium efficiency. Learn more

Premier Paint Booths – The premier series paint booths provide an excellent finish among any paint booths in the industry. The advanced control panels and high tech features of this series make the life of the auto body shop owner m extremely easy. Learn more

Thermaire Paint Booth – Thermaire paint booths are an affordable option compared to other expensive models. However, it still provides your body shop with the best finishing technology available without compromise. Learn more

Power Paint Booths – The Power series paint booths utilize highly advanced technology and incorporate air-make-up units above the paint booth to save floor space. Learn more

Major types of Automotive Paint Booths

Cross-draft – Provides a cleaner working environment and offers value without sacrificing quality.

Semi Down-draft – Allows the cleaner air from above the booth to enter the booth through intake filters located in the front ceiling.

Side-draft – A clear choice where a traditional pitted design or raised floor is impractical or impossible.

Down-draft – Designed to provide the collision repair industry the best choice for painting cars.

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