High Efficiency Convection Ovens

Spray Tech engineers and builds drying and curing ovens to provide excellent temperature uniformity around the part profile throughout the heating process for both liquid and powder curing applications. Any of the components and subassemblies used in our ovens are selected for NFPA compliance, quality and long life. All electrical and mechanical components are widely represented for local service and maintenance.

All oven panels, ductwork and heater cabinets are designed by Spray Tech and manufactured in our factory. Typical oven configurations may include mechanical air seals, gravity seals, quiet entry zones and interior baffles to prevent air mixing near openings. IR pre-heat ovens may be used to gel over powder for applications involving high mass parts.

High Efficiency Convection Ovens from Spray-Tech
High Efficiency Convection Ovens | Quality Oven Products

Oven Body Construction
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We offer best in class oven body construction

Duct Work and Functions that Improve Quality
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Spray-Tech offers top of the line duct work for our ovens:

High Efficiency Convection Ovens from Spray-Tech

State of the Art Electronics

Oven control screens are accessible from the main system Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and Human Machine Interface (HMI) and are designed to minimize the requirement for operator control.


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