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World-Class Truck Paint Booth & Large Equipment Enclosures

Highest Quality Truck Paint Booth Enclosures for Larger Vehicles and Equipment

config full
Insulated Walls
Available in insulated or non-insulated configurations
5th Gen. LED lights
Spray-Tech/Junair leads the way in developing the best finishing lights in the business.
Full Downdraft Pit
Provides best and most uniform airflow over entire truck body or equipment.
Air flows from ceiling to filter banks in pit floor of spray booth capturing contaminants efficiently while providing the greatest over-spray clearance available.
Truck Booth
Full Downdraft
config side
Filter Plenums
Run the entire length of the booth ensuring proper airflow.
Fully Filtered Ceiling
For clean air intake leading to a speck-free finish
Air flows from ceiling to filters that run along full length of booth walls.
No pit required.
Truck Spray Booth
Side Downdraft
config cross
Filter Bank
Captures fine particulate matter and allows air to be exhausted safely and effectively.
5th Gen. LED Lights
The best LED lights in the finishing industry. Ask us more about them.
Fully Filtered Ceiling
Provides exceptional airflow and coverage across the entire product.
Air flows from ceiling to filter banks in rear of booth. Cost-effective and powerful solution to truck refinishing.
Truck Booth
Crossdraft / Reverseflow

Our state-of-the-art truck paint booth enclosures mark a cutting edge modern design. It will ensure a superior fit and finish, and rapid erection of your booth. We make sure that our truck paint booths are manufactured to reduce maximum energy costs using best engineering practices. With additional upgrade packages available, you can add air make-up units to fit all your paint curing needs. Additional sizes and configurations are also available for custom applications with ease.

Spray-Tech/Junair’s large paint booths and finishing systems are used by some of the leading names in the truck industry. Engineered to perfection to operate optimally in both indoor and outdoor environments, your business can save valuable area inside the building and add versatility factor to your business by thinking out of the box.


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Truck Paint Booth Airflow Options

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Full Downdraft Truck Paint Booth

Air enters the booth through a fully filtered ceiling intake plenum and is pulled vertically downward across the vehicle and through the floor (Filtered exhaust pit or basement). Air is then exhausted into the atmosphere. The downdraft truck paint booth design provides efficient overspray control and reduces prep time.

Side Downdraft Truck Paint Booth

Air enters the booth through a fully filtered ceiling intake plenum and is pulled vertically downward surrounding the vehicle. Air is pulled away and exhausted through the filters located at floor level along both sides of the booth. Air is then exhausted into the atmosphere. No pit required.

Cross draft Truck Paint Booth

The air enters the booth through a plenum at the front of the cabin and is pulled across the cabin and is pulled across the vehicle, parallel to the floor, and through filters located at the rear of the booth. Air is then exhausted into the atmosphere. No pit is required in this cross draft paint booth.

Need an Outdoor Ready Truck Paint Booth Enclosure?

In certain cases, trucks and large equipment paint booths may require space outside of a building and will face exposure to the elements. In these cases, an outdoor-ready spray booth may be the best fit for you. We engineer the booth based on your geographical location and take into consideration any and all aspects of the specific environment.



Spray-Tech/Junair focuses on little things:

Insulating the ridged panel goes a long way in helping keep your industrial light fixtures operational in extreme conditions. It also helps eliminate the infiltration of insects, pests, and even snow and other strong weather. View the visual demonstration videos below to see exactly where it’s at on your truck paint booth.

Any questions? Drop us a line and we will get back to you at the earliest.

Spray-Tech/Junair is dedicated to providing customized finishing areas to businesses all over the globe. We understand every business wants to achieve maximum productivity while keeping costs down and saving precious time. Painting large-sized machines are not easy as it requires a regulated and clean environment for professional painters to produce an accurate and precise refinishing job that is of the highest standards.

Our advanced industrial finishing systems are manufactured and designed in-house which allows us to provide a top-quality product while remaining competitive. Our customer support system is one of the best in the industry. You can log in to your account anytime and have easy access to information on the latest product line and technology updates.


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