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Paint Booth Products

We produce some of the best custom paint booths on the planet, as well as provide more affordable models. Not only do we manufacture world famous paint booths, but we also make paint booth accessories for our clients and buyers. We produce finishing and refinishing fixtures, including paint booth control panels, mixing rooms, paint booth exhaust filters, air compression, evaporators, spray guns, air hoses, and much more.

All Paint Booth Types

Airplane Paint Booth

Whether its boats, planes, or any other project, our range of paint booths covers it all. From affordable, basic models to custom, high-end designs, we provide the perfect booth for any painting requirement

Automotive Paint Booths

Car Paint Booths

We offer a wide range of auto paint booths for your shop. This includes budget-friendly options, as well our custom, high capacity, exquisite custom paint booth products.  Check out all of the options. 

Table Top Paint Booths

We offer a wide range of auto paint booths for your shop. This includes budget-friendly options, as well our custom, high capacity, exquisite custom paint booth products.  Check out all of the options. 

Finishing Systems

Spray-Tech/Junair’s Finishing Systems Group specializes in creating and implementing comprehensive finishing systems tailored for various industries. We have a team of specialized engineers, installation experts, and start-up technicians. Their expertise is widely recognized across North America, where manufacturers rely on Spray-Tech for liquid and powder coating lines. Learn more about our Finishing Systems Group.
Convection Oven

Convection Ovens

We build drying and curing ovens for both liquid and powder curing applications. 

Industrial Pre-Treatment Washer

Pre-Treatment Washers

Our automated washers are efficient and consume less energy than industry competitors.

Batch Ovens

Batch Systems

We design custom batch finishing systems for lower volume production requirements.

Spray Tech E-Rooms


Our environmental clean rooms are preferred for any process that demands a clean and air conditioned environment for industrial painting & more. 

25 Years of Finishing Experience

We understand that a high-quality paint booth is a cornerstone for your business, so we are committed to delivering you the best finishing systems with consistent peak performance for getting outstanding results.

Having a local, reliable service, support and accessibility are extremely important to keep your shop up and running.

Keeping your business’ core interests in mind, we manufacture and offer some of the best paint booths for sale to varied industries at competitive rates, with excellent customer support.

Our mission is to provide the latest, state-of-the-art refinishing equipment that contributes to your facility’s productivity and profitability.

Spray-Tech Project Gallery

Our Services

We Provide Consulting

Your project is in capable hands with authorized Spray Tech / Junair personnel and distributors.

State of the Art Design

Spray Tech / Junair/Junair can enhance your profit through seasoned facility design expertise and process knowledge.

World Class Manufacturing

We employ lean manufacturing techniques so we can decrease costs and pass on the savings to you.

Professional Installation

Our project management experience in this highly specialized industry sector is second-to-none.

Ongoing Maintenance

We understand it is imperative that your equipment and finishing system operates efficiently and safely at all times.

Repair Services

Our network of authorized distributors ensures that your finishing system operates at peak efficiency 24/7.

Spray-Tech Prioritizes Safety

OSHA - Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Our commitment to safety aligns with OSHA’s guidelines and regulations, ensuring a secure working environment for all.

NFPA Fire Safety Fire Protection Association

NFPA - National Fire Protection Association

Spray-Tech is committed to upholding and advancing the rigorous safety measures advocated by NFPA to ensure a secure and compliant environment for our clients.

ETL - Electrical Testing Labs

We work hard to meet ETL standards in order to ensure our electrical equipment meets rigorous safety and performance criteria.

EPA - Environmental Protection Agency

Our environmental responsibility is reflected in our compliance with EPA regulations, contributing to a cleaner and sustainable future.

Customer Support

We strongly believe that excellent customer service is the right of every customer. You can count on our team of experts with high-quality paint booth servicing and support. Our technical team consists of trained engineers and highly motivated staff always present to ensure that your paint booth is running at maximum efficiency.

Our automotive and industrial paint booths are specially designed and manufactured with a lot of thought and care in order to help your business save time, and most of all, see a return on investment. As a leading industrial and automotive paint booth manufacturer in Rialto, California, we can provide the highest quality work environment for any specific finishing application, ask about our ETL certified products.

If you need custom solutions for finishing, then look no further. Spray-Tech/Junair is one of the few companies to specialize in manufacturing custom-built solutions. As a result, we have outfitted many large factories and shops with industrial finishing equipment that returns on investment thanks to our expertise in crafting highly-efficient products.

Purchasing Equipment is Tax Deductible

IRS allows businesses to deduct the full price of qualifying equipment. If you buy (or lease) a piece of qualifying equipment, you can deduct the FULL PURCHASE PRICE from your gross income. Give us a call today to discuss your specific needs.