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Spray-Tech/Junair’s paint booth lighting Products are extremely energy efficient. We have a complete collection of industrial lighting applications including our energy-efficient Mercury LED Lighting. Spray-Tech/Junair produces world-class industrial light fixtures for use in any and all finishing environments.


Mercury LED Paint Booth Lighting

5th Generation | Energy-Efficient LEDs

Spray-Tech/Junair and Mercury lead the way in developing cutting-edge LED light fixtures for use in a wide variety of applications including paint booth lighting. We’ve cut our teeth building LED light fixtures for use across small and large applications seeing exceptional results and and great feedback. Our LED light fixtures last 5 times longer than traditional fluorescent bulbs and ballasts while also shining brighter and using 35% less energy. Our unique glass lens diffuses the emitted light so you get a consistent and bright glow across your entire work area with no dark areas and no sharp, obtrusive, shadows.

Spray-Tech uses LED lighting because the life of a fluorescent bulb is impossible to rate because of how they are used in spray booths. Regulations require that booths be turned off during bake cycles and this on/off operation cuts the fluorescent bulb life by 60%, LEDs can be turned on/off as many times as one likes it does not affect their life.

Key Features:

  • Rugged all-steel outer construction
  • Tempered, diffused glass lens
  • Powder coated finish with seals inside and out
  • Threaded electrical conduit connections at each end
  • Threaded electrical conduit connections at each end
  • Suitable for locations up to 120.2° F (49° C) with maximum operating temperature of 212 F (100° C)
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