Heat Systems for Industrial Booths & Enclosures

Industrial booths and enclosures are heated to help make painting jobs go smoother and more consistent. This is mainly because the paint dries quickly when the booth is heated. If you’re looking for heat systems for industrial booths, then you’re in the right place. Let’s discuss different types of heat systems for industrial paint booths.

Types of Heat Systems for Industrial Booths

There are two main types of heating systems used to heat industrial booths. They are direct fire heating systems and indirect fire heating systems. Both of them use different methods to keep the temperature inside the booth level for the time you work in the booths.

#1 Direct Fire

Direct fire heating systems are quick and effective for paint jobs. They use diesel and oil to provide heat in the enclosure, but it requires a chimney to be installed in the booth. Because of the chimney, some heat is inevitably lost. It also adds water vapor and carbon monoxide into the air as the fuel burns. However, some models don’t require electricity to run. This type of heating system is relatively simple to transport around and set up. A direct fire heating system also costs less to maintain. For a simple system, it’s also very powerful, as in theory, it is a sort of repurposed gas grill.

#2 Indirect Fire

Indirect fire heating systems take a different approach to heating industrial booths. Instead of introducing the hot air produced by combustion, the hot air is circulated within a heat exchanger. There is no opportunity for the hot air to escape into the space being heated, and that translates to cleaner air. It does require some ventilation for the air to be sent outside and is less fuel-efficient. However, an indirect fire heating system is very safe, and sometimes slow and steady is what you need for your jobs.

Precautions with Heating Systems

When heating the industrial booth, you must be careful and not introduce any hazards. They can either hurt you directly or ruin the paint job. Either way, always keep an eye open for possible danger.

Fumes can be extremely dangerous and can even ignite if the heater is set too high. Air leaks will likely ruin your paint quality and how the job turns out, as well. Setting the right temperature will also ensure your paint is under the best conditions.

Staying Safe and Efficient

It’s always wise to a reliable manufacturer for your heat systems for industrial booths, as those are made by professionals. Making your own is often a recipe for disaster, but we can help you complete your paint job without any unwanted issues.

If you are looking to purchase a brand new industrial paint booth with a heated system embedded, feel free to request a quote, and our industrial enclosure specialist will get back to you.

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