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Leading Aircraft Paint Booth Manufacturer in the world.

World Class Aircraft Paint Booths And Airplane Finishing Solutions

Spray-Tech/Junair partners with some of the leading aerospace companies in the industry. Our quality aircraft paint booths feature superior airflow, filtration, lighting, and baking capabilities. Spray-Tech/Junair’s engineers will work with you to design a solution to meet your specific application. Are you designing a process finishing layout? Let us help you with some of the most technologically advanced finishing systems in the world to help your business soar to greater heights.


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We manufacture high-performance and high-efficiency aircraft paint booths for commercial, domestic, business, and military needs.

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Our Experience in Airplane Paint Booth Manufacturing

With more than two decades of experience in designing and building some of the most capable paint booths for the aerospace industry, we have earned the reputation of a leading aircraft paint booth manufacturer.

Our business revolves around quality. From our paint booths, finishing systems to employees, and global distributors, Spray-tech/Junair holds itself to the highest standards to provide a world-class experience for our valued clients. Our engineers understand the highest standards required from a paint booth to paint an aircraft flawlessly.

Our high quality, professional paint booths allow painters to achieve the best results by providing precise environmental control over dust, debris, temperature, and humidity.

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True Pioneers in Aerospace Booth Manufacturing

Our aircraft paint booths and retro-fit hanger systems will give you complete control over debris, dust, temperature, and humidity while providing a safe environment for your paint operators. Aircraft booth solutions can be configured for light small aircraft, executive jets, airliners, bombers, or jet fighters, and all meet or exceed safety regulations and policies set by OSHA and the FAA.

Being the leading aircraft paint booth manufacturer in the United States, we aim to provide supreme customer service and product quality to our clients.


Few of our recent high-quality Aircraft Paint Booth Manufacturing Projects


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We work with some of the most experienced and highly qualified aerospace refinishing professionals in the country. Send us a message and our dedicated aerospace specialist will help you develop an advanced finishing application.

Spray-Tech/Junair’s state-of-the-art airplane paint booths meet the highest standards in this industry and go above and beyond the high expectations of customers in terms of performance, customer service, and product quality.

Painting aircraft and other aviation equipment require accuracy and precision to achieve the best results. Aerospace paint booths are different from other paint booths in more ways than one. The shape and size of the aircraft paint booth used for aerospace coatings are noticeably different. They vary from small, medium, large to extra-large rooms, depending on the size of the aircraft to be refinished.


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