Smart Prep Station – Limited Finishing Edition

Smart Prep Stations From Spray-Tech

The Automotive Smart Prep Station provides an outstanding environment for refinishing door scratches, bumper dings, panel dents, or any other area on the vehicle that needs attention. This ETL listed prep station comes with an integrated heating system. This allows it to work in any climate.

The automotive smart prep station meets NESHAP 6H as well as other local code requirements. It is available with an integrated paint mixing room. The entire unit with the integrated heating system and paint mixing room fits in a 12′ x 25′ footprint.

A Few Good Reasons To Buy The Smart Prep Station

High Customer Satisfaction Index

Customer satisfaction index scores are an important part of everyday life at a dealership, and for good reason. Automakers want to hear from customers in order to gauge how well the franchise is doing in key areas, primarily the customer’s happiness with the sales and vehicle servicing process. Smart prep is a simple effective solution that will raise your CSI big-time.

The automotive smart prep stations are available in different sizes and configurations depending upon use and requirement. These units are great for used car refurbishment as well as small scratch and dent repair on customer vehicles. They can handle all of the preparation processes up to and including the final application. As important, they were developed to meet the requirements of EPA, NFPA and other local jurisdictions.

When It Comes To Car Dealerships & Body Shop Customer Survey’s, Anything Less Than an “A” Is Considered an “F”. Do You Know Why ?

Because the Lower the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI), the Lower the Profit Margins

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