Stamped Drawings for Paint Booth Installation

Whether in woodworking, automotive, or cleanroom applications, having a paint booth built to your specific needs while also being up to code for any of your area’s regulations is extremely important. If you are having your paint booth manufactured, the pre-made booth manufacturer should be your go-to for the engineer stamped drawings that you need to provide for your city or county’s building department.

Why Are Stamped Drawings Important?

While you may have an engineering team in your business that can build a sufficient paint booth for your needs, stamped drawings for paint booth installations are important. This is because, in many cases, a city or county’s building codes will require an engineer to sign off on these drawings before they can be used for painting purposes. There are many reasons for this, including environmental and safety hazards (which are understandably critical considerations).

Since most paints are flammable, you must have a certified fire suppression system that a professional needs to install. Air ventilation is also key, as the inhalation of paint fumes can be extremely hazardous to human health and is harmful to the lungs and mucous membranes.

Who Can Supply Stamped Drawings for Booth Installation?

Stamped drawings for spray booth installation can only be given by engineers who have been certified in their state to the highest standard of competence in the engineering profession. This engineer will have direct responsibility for the drawings, either doing the work themselves or immediately supervising the work done.

If your paint booth is pre-made, the company that provides the booth will have these stamped drawings available at your booth’s installation. Buying your paint booth from a well-known, reputable paint booth manufacturer will take the paperwork out of your hands and ensure that it is done efficiently and professionally.

Spray Tech maintains a high standard in stamped drawings for the paint booth installation procedures. We maintain proper documentation and engineering drawings during all spray booth installation projects.

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