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Numerous advances in technology have improved our lives over the past century, and the technology used in the automotive paint booth is no exception.  Before the invention of the medical atomizer and Tom DeVilbiss’s decision to find a new application for it, all vehicles were painted by hand.

The 1930s saw the first paint booth, which was subpar by today’s standards. It was usually a three-walled container that had a fan attached to one of the walls and the exhaust systems were just modified kitchen exhaust systems. These systems did decrease the fumes to an extent but not effectively. Sometimes painters would need to open a window to help remove the fumes.  There were also many fires and explosions due to the lack of guidelines and regulations.

Now, with the improvement in technology and safety regulations, automotive paint booths are safer than ever; and for more than twenty years, Spray Tech/Junair has been leading the way with innovative, efficient, and reliable finishing products for its customers.  All of our systems are made in the USA and are ETL listed to ensure consistent quality and ease of permitting processes.


Spray Tech’s Automotive Paint Booth


Car paint spray booths are crucial for any automotive body shop.  Here are a few of the reasons why it is important for an auto body shop to have an automotive paint booth:

Safety First!

Even though there are stricter guidelines for vehicle paint and paint booths, there is still a small chance of harm towards the painter and the environment.  Originally, on vehicles nitrocellulose lacquer had been used; eventually, the industry moved toward water-based acrylic polyurethane enamel.  The enamel paint is more environmentally safe, then the original lacquer.  Another hazard, at the beginning of paint booths, was how the overspray would back up.  Originally, overspray paints dealt with this by using a fan, to suck the overspray out of the room.  However, the blades of the fan would get covered in the overspray and then would burn the motor out of the fan.

To solve this problem, painters would place a wooden box that had slat on it, in front of the fan.  The wooden slats would catch the overspray, but there was still a good deal of overspray that would get onto the fan blades and also sucked into the exhaust system.  Eventually, painters upgraded these boxes with a filter that was in the front of the box.  These filters were made up of cloth material, such as cotton, wool, etc.

One major issue with these boxes was that the cloth would become soaked in the overspray, so painters would have to change the exhaust filters frequently; otherwise, the risk of fires was frequent.  Our automotive paint booth has high-quality ventilation systems.  This system helps to keep your employee safe, along with your business.  We also designed our booths with a dynamic filter system that not only protects the vehicle you are working on; but, also keeps the painter’s work environment safe from contamination.  You are also able to control your VOC and air mixture, which can decrease the chance of an explosion.

Shop Producibility

Our paint booths help to increase shop producibility.  These paint booths are professional looking and have the option to be supported by our patented Quick Air Drying System (QAD™).  This system allows you to reduce the time you spend drying and curing vehicles. You are also able to automate the entire process in your shop, with our advanced control panel.  With the advanced control panel, you can connect your booth to your mobile gadgets and PC, via the virtual private network (VPN).  If your company uses the VPN, the operator can oversee what is going on, without going to the control panel.  However, if you chose not to automate our paint booths, our control panels are completely user-friendly.

The painter can use prearranged specifications to regulate the drying cycle.  The time that it takes to complete the cycle depends on which drying stage it is in; this also, helps our products be energy efficient.  Potentially, our booths will cut the entire baking time by half.  With all the time that is saved by our using our booths, potentially, you will be able to increase the number of vehicles you service. Our booths also allow you to work in sterile environments so that you will have high-quality finishes.  The high-quality of your work will bring you, satisfied customers.  Your satisfied customers, will either by word of mouth or social media can bring you in even more revenue.

If you want to increase your shop’s productivity and revenue, our paint booths are the solution.  Our products, made from the highest quality components, will offer you years of worry-free operations while providing consistent quality results.  Give us a call today and see how we can improve your process!

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