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Best Selling Industrial Paint Booths

Open Face and Tabletop Finishing Booths Built for High Production

Industrial product manufacturers face a number of environmental challenges while prepping, sanding, and spraying industrial parts. We offer open face and Tabletop industrial paint booths  exhibiting superior performance and regulated environment for professional painters to produce the best results.

We are a leading manufacturer of industrial finishing systems, and complying with all mandatory OSHA and NFPA standards. All our equipment are manufactured and designed in house, and made of the highest quality components to ensure your business gets higher return on investment while cutting down costs and saving precious time.

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open face
Filter Bank
Air is captured, filtered and exhausted here. Available in custom configurations.
5th Gen. LED Lights
The best LED lights in the finishing industry.
open face paint booths are designed for
exhausting dust, harmful vapors, and paint fumes.
Industrial Finishing
Open Face Booth
42" Tabletop
Single-Wide configuration, one of our most popular booths.
84" Tabletop
Three-Stage filtration, outside ducting, and custom sizes available.
One of our best selling booths. We've outfitted thousands of companies across hundreds of industries throughout the world with this booth.
Industrial Finishing
Tabletop Spray Booths

Every industrial paint booth we build at Spray-Tech/Junair utilizes the high-efficiency and unmatched fit and finish found in our full size paint booths. Each industrial paint spray booth is available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations to meet your custom applications. We are familiar with the ever-changing environmental restrictions and guidelines manufacturers must adhere to, that’s why we have the right booth for every situation.

Our advanced paint booths and finishing systems offer the painters a safer environment to work in and perform their jobs more efficiently. Our competent team of engineers study the typical routines of the painters in depth to design and manufacture products that target their specific needs so they can achieve more efficiency and quicker turnaround times. Sign up to get access to all of our downloadable brochures.

Open Face Paint Booths

open face 300x209
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Tabletop Paint Booths

tabletops 300x209
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From single person table top booth units to 50 feet wide custom configurations, large enough to accommodate multiple users, we can help design your ideal finishing booth and bring any of your ideas to life.

When you choose us to deliver the most efficient and high-performance industrial paint finishing systems, rest assured that we will take care of all the details that matter the most. If you need custom solutions then we are one of the few companies to specialize in designing and manufacturing custom built solutions. Go through our FAQ section to read some of the most commonly asked questions related to industrial paint spray booths.

Each paint booth is thoughtfully and carefully designed and manufactured to help your business achieve maximum productivity and higher return on investment. Our leading industrial spray booths have earned the respect from its customers as they are able to achieve the highest possible finish which makes their products and items stand apart from the competition.

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