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Custom Finishing Equipment

Solutions Designed for Specialized Finishing Applications

/ Custom Finishing Equipment
Here at Spray Tech / Junair we can design and manufacture custom equipment that is specific to your finishing application. Check out some of our featured installation projects below.

Vertical Rise, Pneumatic Sealed Doors

This Vertical Rising Doors Assembly is unique in that it offers a completely clear floor threshold to move heavy assemblies in and out of the booth via forklifts, yet offers a 100 positive seal for the special testing that is done inside the booth using a one piece pneumatic (inflatable) door seal. The door in counterbalanced with a triple redundant cable and weight system.

Large Equipment, Cross Flow Spray Booth Oven

This Cross Flow Spray Booth Oven is built for large equipment and measures 38’W x 14’H x 54’D. It contains a 30’W x 13’6”H leaf articulating main door with exterior mounted intake & exhaust plenums for maximum interior work area. An outdoor mounted M4 furnace of size 42”, tube axial exhaust fans controlled by a variable frequency drive for booth pressure control and 54 tube light fixtures make this booth extra special. The body of the booth is prepared from galvanized steel.

Double Bay, Limited Finishing Prep Station

This Double Bay, Prep Station combines two limited finishing stations into one tandem unit for maximum shop space usage and through put. Each cabin has all the features of our standard prep stations, including: full roof suspended from the ceiling; dedicated make-up air supply and air supply plenum; heavy duty vinyl curtains on all sides; Class I, Div II, inside access lighting; and manometer. The overall dimensions of this prep station are 26’6″D x 20’W x 18’2″ H (including air make-up unit and exhaust fan).

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