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With a Spray-Tech/Junair Wheel Smart™ system, you can finally paint wheels anywhere you see fit. Drag around this at-source extraction system and get wheel painting jobs done faster and easier than ever before.

wheel painting

Wheel Smart™

Wheel Painting and Finishing

Wheel Smart™ is an at source extraction system, which allows the wheel painting to be carried out in workshops without the need for a conventional spray booth. Wheel Smart™ uses the
extraction system from the Spray-Tech/Junair Smart Air™ unit and creates a mobile wheel painting facility in the workshop that meets NESHAP 6H and other local codes.

Standard Features:

  • Rolling Wheel Refinishing Stand
  • Large and Small Masking Collars
  • Hose system with Quick Disconnect
  • Smart Air™ Extraction Tower
  • Air Solenoid Valve for Spray Gun Connection
  • Pressure Regulator


Wheel Smart™ is a highly mobile, easy to use, at source extraction system for painting wheels on the fly. The portable painting capabilities of the Wheel Smart™ are designed to free up your spray booth and maximize your throughput.

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